A Slice of Italy @ 1441 Pizzeria

A Slice of Italy @ 1441 Pizzeria

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say Italy?” Someone once asked. There was a unanimous answer, PIZZA! Such is the craze about this circular delicacy. Invented in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, pizza is something that you will find in every nook and corner of this world. From the humble beginnings in Europe to today’s gourmet offerings, pizzas have captured the hearts and stomachs of people around the globe. Be it the traditional cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, the classic Margherita or the gourmet pizza … the list of this soul satisfying treat is just endless.

1441 Pizzeria, which recently opened its second outlet in Koregaon Park, is widely known for its traditional and authentic wood-fired pizzas. Most of their food is made solely in the wood fired oven. The unique concept of creating your own pizza is what makes 1441 pizzeria stand apart from its counter parts. The whole concept and the mouth-watering menu is curated by the Italian Master Pizza Chef, Mr. Renato Viola who also personally trains the chefs.

What makes 1441 Pizzeria’s pizzas very authentic is the fact that the ingredients are sourced from different parts of the world like the flour and tomatoes are flown down from Italy, the cheese is sourced from Ireland etc. Even the rest of the toppings are well thought over and are hand-picked. One can start with a delectable assortment of starters such as the Chilli Cheese Bread or the Jalapeno Poppers. The pizzeria boasts of an array of “Chef’s Recommended Pizzas.” The 5 Cheese Pizza in the vegetarian section and the Smoked Chicken Pizza in the non-veg section are especially delicious.

The USP of this pizzeria, the make-your-own pizza, is a very unique concept and to add to this there is a wide range of toppings which you can add to your heart’s content as they are unlimited!

The unique concept of creating your own pizza is what makes 1441 pizzeria stand apart from its counter parts.

There is an option of Classic Pizzas with an unlimited choice of classic toppings. And then there is the Gourmet Pizza with unlimited all veg, all non-veg and all cheese toppings, so basically, go wild with your imagination! To top it all if you are game then you can put on a pair of gloves, an apron and a chef’s hat and actually prepare your own pizza right from putting the toppings to baking it in the special wood fired oven.

In beverages, besides the regulars there’s Masala Lemonade and Lychee Lemonade along with a few more in their specials section. On a cooler day one also has the option of some warm drinks such as illy Expresso and other hot drinks like hot chocolate, illy coffee etc.

To round it off there’s chef’s specially curated desserts. In fact 1441 pizzeria was amongst the first ones to introduce Nutella Dough Balls and Nutella and fruit topping pizzas which gives the regular pizza quite a quirky twist. Along with that don’t miss the succulent Tiramisu and the all-time favorite Chocolate Mousse.

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